Friday, December 01, 2006

Teenage Kicks, Spank me and more!

I havent posted in a while due to being lazy and partying! Fucking fashinista post modern me in Tokyo Honey. Teenage Kicks is a fully HOT party, KIM from the Presets dj'd and so did my friend Gallermic (The Fashion Ramone). I danced all night, and met some cool fashion chicks from a shop called Spank Me. Im getting into the fashion friend Gallermic was in FRUiTS mag...and Tabochi and Yuki are in Cutie mag alllll the time... They are soooo cute and cool i LOVE them. We went shopping together the other day, and they showed me their cool shop Spank Me...its near Harajuku. They have another one in Koenji, and Im going to teach them English...yay...They sell cute vintage clothes they source from America...coool

Tabochi, Yuki and another Spank girl at the Spank shop!

I also went to an indie rock gig with Gallermic, Singo and Sono (wearing Marc Jacobs shoes)...So fun. We looked fashion, and I stole a plastic pizza and we ate junk food and caught a taxi home together...

mmmmmmmmmmmplastic pizza...Gallermic fashionista blogger photographer is in the reflection


Thursday, November 09, 2006

I moved house and Halloween party

I havent had the internet for a little while because I moved house finally! My new place is so amazingly close to everything its crazy. I will post photos of my new house next week. Right now I want to talk about Halloween. I went on the infamous Yamanote gaigin Halloween train, Basically you get on the train at exactly 9:07 at Shinjuku station with about 500 other forigners and a few Japanese people dressed up and you ride around the yamanote circle, drinking, turning off the lights and frightening old people! When we pulled up at a station old people would literaly run the other way. We took up 2 carriages and they were jam packed, It was soooooo noisy and crazy, people sitting on the racks above the seats....Oh what fun.....Then when you pull up at Shinjuku station again after about 1 hour of train time madness you alll jump off....When we jumped off you wouldnt believe it but there was a Japanese Sallaryman ASLEEP on the seat....h e slept through the whole loud crazy thing. I have no idea how he did that!

I dressed up as a horse!

I will post more photos latter

Sayonara! I have to go to work!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Love Hotel swimming pool and a 4am haircut

B4 haircuts

Ok on Monday night me and Thom from work went out after work. We went to Omotesando to this cool restaurant called SIGN. It has a really funky interior and yummmmmmm food. Downstairs is a gallery and upstairs is a cool bar called Office....which looks like an office and it has an amazing view of omotesando dori. We ended up missing the last train (as usual!!!)

Sign Restaurant

We decided that as we were going to have to stay up all night we should go to Shibuya to party. We caught a taxi and it only cost 660yen (about $6.60) cheap for Tokyo (it was about a 2 min drive) and Shibuya looked dead (it was a Monday night) so we were getting desperate! We went to this gross hip hop club called Gas Panic that was full of American GI's....we hid in the corner so we didnt have to talk to them and we could watch the cool and cute Japanese hip hop boys dance...They did this dance sorta like the grape vine....just more hip hopy...They are the most gentle non bad ass hip hop boys in the world...anywhere else in the world and they would be on drugs and fighting...but here just dancing....and it was only boys dancing...again very unusual for anywhere else in the world. After 2 drinks we decided to leave....the American army guys were too gross!

We were walking around wondering what to do next, when these cute boys came up and spoke to us....I dont really remember but we ended up walking trying to find this bar that me and Henry went to last time called Alcatraz ER where its medical and jail themed. The boys said there was no such place, and they took us to lock up...which is just jail themed...I was like "noooo this is the wrong place" and it was shut anywyaz....the boys left us and we walked for about 1 minute and then there it was Alcatraz ER I knew we were close....stupid Japanese boys didnt know their own city!!!

However it was 4am and that too was closed so we walked down to the main street and noticed that the hairdressers was open. We bought a few beers at 7/11 and drank them in the street and went in to get our haircut at 4am...totally drunk. I do not recommend doing this...I asked for a really short style with a short fringe...after about 2 years of growing it out from that...stupid!!! The good thing is it only cost about 4000yen (about $40) and a colour was the same price so I am going to go back to get my hair a normal hour!

After our 4am haircut we decided to go to a love hotel. We found the one me and Henry saw last time that has a cave room, but that was booked we got the 1950's style swimming pool room...the swimming pool was HUGE for inside a hotel room here in Tokyo. We swam until 10am, (well I fell asleep for a while....) but wow what a crazy night. Thom is hilarious...and his 4am haircut looks HOT.... Porn on the TV's and swimming in you own privat oasis cost us 30000yn about $300 FUCK but Thom paid for most of it...Thankyou Thom!

Here are some pool pics!

You can see Thoms hair cut here...he got the same thing...only shorter!

Porn on the TV...gotta love it!


My fringe is too long to leave down and too short to put up!

Oh and I went to Sizzler for lunch the other day... so gross...exaclty the same as it used to be in Australia...But there was a funny Halloween Christmas Tree! YAY!!!

Sayonara from me I have to go pick up my Alien Registration card....2 days late...I think they give you a fine...opps

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Crazy photo of me and Hillary!!!

OK I had the craziest night on Friday night! It all started innocently enough at an izakaya (japanese pub) for dinner with my 2 housemates and 1 gay african american....all of us Nova teachers. However slowly we got drunker and drunker untill we were having food fights at out table and telling the wait staff they were sexy....And then these 3 sallarymen sat down in the booth next to us. OF course I started talking to them (as usual) and we joined our tables....2 of them were married 1 was single so I made Hillary kiss the hot single one (she wants me to get her a bf by being pushy) so they kissed for ages and then we decided to go to a Karaoke booth....Somehow in that time the marrried sallarymen had kissed the gay guy and my other housemate....and the fact they kissed the gay guy was soooo crazy cos here in japan being gay is not accepted at all....Anyway so we end up at the karaoke booth and all the guys get topless and start feeling Hillarys tits, she takes of her shirt and leaves her singlet on....Joanne makes out with the 32 year old married sallaryman (22 is single, 32 and 37 married) and I just laugh hysterically at the action...I kiss the 22 year old for a little and suck hills tit *opppsss!!! but thats all I do....Im not really as drunk as everyone else and I dont like the idea of kissing a married man. All of the guys are kissing the gay guy in intervals between Jo and Hill...The 22 year old and Hillary are really going for it and our time is up. We leave expecting the 22 year old to come back to our place for sexu with Hill...but he ran away saying "chin chin too small" (chin chin is penis) OMG wtf is with Japanese men? Even when they are offered sex on a plate they dont take least not with western women! OHHH and guess what their job was...they were in the meat industry...dealing in gross!

Joanne and Steven

The 3 sallarymen

The kiss that started it all

If you want to see the CRAZY photos from that night email me and I will email them to you....they are to X rated for blogger

Earlier that day I went and had a look at this AMAZING house is Sasazuka which is like 4 mins from work, and 10 mins from Harajuku, Shimokitazawa, Shibuya....basically the loaction is HOT!!! The guy picked me up at the station and made me ride the spare bike to the 1st time riding here in Japan!!! The room is also $100 cheaper a month than where I live now....40 mins from work!!! and 1 hour from everything cool. I find out tonight if I can move in, they wanted me to untill I mentioned Henry is coming to visit for 2 months....sharehouses here are run by companies and you can only have guests stay for 5 nights for free, every night after that is $20. And if they stay 1 month they have to pay the same amount of rent you do....So I asked if maybe Henry could pay half and do alllllll the household chores...They are seeing if thats ok...I think though its worth it to pay if I have to because the location is AMAZING! and its normally sooo cheap!

After that I went to Shimo Kitazawa (walked there in 7 mins yayayay) and shopped and took lots of photos! I bumped into this guy from the night I stayed out in Shibuya untill 1st train....he is in a band called Sleepy dog ...but I didnt recognise him without the hat he wore last for ages I was like ummmmm who are you???? His name is Taro and he lives in Shimo...I have to live around there, all the cool students of mine live there (I have like 4 fashion designers as students....I think we are going to see Peaches together...shhhhh dont tell nova!) Here is a photo of him

And some of Shimo Kitazawa!!!

I have to go to Shimo now and meet Taro and Thomas from work....Sayonara!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

HERE are some PHOTOS!!!

The top 2 photos are from Tokyo Art Beat's PARTY!!!

Atushi at the park...he likes hipu hopu


Hillary at Tokyo Art Beat's Party drawing on the wall

Harajuku Rockabilly

Asakusa Asahi building

Me in my new blouse at the Tokyo Art Beat Party

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tokyo Art Beat

OK so in my last post I talked about what happened Fri, Sat and Sun but on Monday I also had alot of fun! I went to 2nd anniversary party with Hillary. It was at this cool bar in Roppongi called super deluxe....Apparently designers and actors and artists all hang out there. There were people from (design mag online about japan) and alot of artists! There were drawing walls and projections of an artist drawing, sound artisits, vj's and d'js. We met the creater of tokyo art beat and he gave us his card and said to email him. Also we met the owner of the pink cow.....its a cafe where artisits hang out in Shibuya and she just invited me to this party on the 27th full of actors, directors, artists, bands ect... Im in with the cool crowd...its so easy because I'm western and they like what I wear...and when I have a camera around my neck they think I'm like a famous photographer or wanted to stay and hang out with all these people but we had to go because the last train is at12:00 (TOKYO needs 24hr trains!!!!) and Hillary had to work....we had a fight because I wanted to stay and she wanted to leave...and we only just made the last train time...running through the station she got in and the doors started to close and they closed on me....luckily i was indise!!!!! and because we had run soooo much we were like lets run from the back of the train to the front.....Japanese people thought we were crazy....opps we are giving westerners a bad name!!!!!

OHHHH The night I stayed out till 5am I was hanging with a guy who was in Battle Royale!!! ong how cool is that!

OK Blogger is currently experiencing problems with adding photos....or it might be my computer....ahhhhhh soooo check out my flickr account

I got a laptop

I got a laptop on Friday but have been too busy to make a post about it untill now....3am on Tuesday night!!!

Friday was soooooooo wet and rainy here, it was a Typhoon apparently. My umbrealla broke in the wind when I was in Akhibara Electric Town buying the laptop and because of the rain I got soaked and couldnt take any photos. I also couldnt walk around Akhibara and maybe go to a maid cafe because of the rain... It sucked!

On Saturday I worked untill 9pm and then met Hillary to go to Shibuya to try and meet cool boys. We succeded. We met these cool and cute guys from a band who were having a party at an Izakhia (spelling may be incorrect but an izakhia is like a japanese pub...but with seperate rooms for groups) I ended up missing the last train and had to party all night with them untill 1st train at 5am. The 1st train was PACKED and it was a SUNDAY morning!!! I also have no photos from this night because I didnt bring my camera....oppps!

On Sunday I woke up at 3pm (after getting home at 7am!!!) and went to this cool area called Shimo Kitazawa. It is like Harajuku but without the tackyness and tourists....its my new fave hang out. I bought a cool 2nd hand blouse and a red love heart bag that was about $60 au...opps! I also won the UGLIEST doll in a UFO catcher on my 1st try....that happened the other day too....I won a mikey mouse toy....The UFO catchers here are dead easy or I'm very lucky....

Then on Sunday night I went with my friend from work Thomas to a gay bar in Shinjuku called Arty Farty and had the BEST time dancing to pop music and as Thomas said "getting treated like Madonna" basicalley I was very popular and had people hugging me and dancing crazy with me alllllll night!!!!

I had to catch the last train home and I met Atushi at Shinjuku station just in time. I wasnt able to met him through the week because I got really sick and had an asthma attack....and I didnt have my puffer in Japan....luckily Henry was able to post it to me express post and I got it in 2 days....yay!!!

Anywayz we went to Karaoke near my house in Fuchu...and boy can he sing...he is sooooo cute when he sings, I have a video of it but I havent worked out how to make the file small enough to upload onto stay tuned for Tokyo videos coming soon!!!

I lost my voice trying to sing but we still had fun, even though because he is underage we couldnt drink (legal age here is 20....he is 19)

After Karaoke we went and drank beer in the childrens playground on my street untill 3am...Im a bad influence on him...He stayed over and slept on the couch...nothing is going on with us at all! he is tooo wierd!

OK my comp wont let me ad photos I will try and make a new post!

Sayonara....for now

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Here are some photos from Japan so far

Local donkiotos car park attendant (Donkys is a discount superstore!!!)

Women only train I dont get felt up!!!

1 of millions of photos from the BEST concert EVER...I love you Madonna...and I cried like I knew I would!!!!

My LOVELY view....not

MMMMM cocktails Japan is obsessed with Hawaii...hense the themed restaurants everywhere!!!

Naked men doing some traditional Japanese dance in g-strings!!! I have a video of it too...wait till I get my laptop for that!

Mos burger dudes plus Hillary and me!

Hillary (my best buddy here in Japan) and our Japanese friends at a Budhist temple...

I have been having a ball...So much drinking, partying, meeting cute Japanese boys and shopping...I love Hillary, we have such a good time together (she is my housemate)

I have a Hilarous story about a Japanese boy....he is only 19 I met him drunk on the CROWDED train going home (drunk as usual) anywayz we arranged to go out the next night to Karaoke. All day he sends me wierd emails to my mobile (you can email via your cell phone here) here is an example of one*(is a person of physical condition ok than that?) WHAT the hell does that mean???? anywayz when we do go out he keeps saying *I want to kiss you when we get home* i was like ok cool......BUT when we got home he got scared and said he was a virgin and didnt want to.... I laughed alot...poor kid...but we are going out after work tomorrow night...

I have to go,,,the keyboards gone nuts on me

Friday, September 29, 2006

It is impossible to add photos at the net cafe right now BUT soon I will have a laptop and you can see all the fun things I have been doing!!! I miss you Henry....I love you

Sunday, September 24, 2006

konichiwa from tokyo

I am in TOKYO as iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwite this....the comp is hard to use....i am just goimg to say _I LOVE IT HERE and i w upload photos next week when i get my own laptop


Monday, September 18, 2006

Goodbye Party

My party was AMAZING!!!! Well my work dress up day wasnt that good seeing as I was the only one who dressed up...

My PARTY on the otherhand everyone dressed up crazy HOT and we sang Karaoke and danced untill the police came due to dirt being thrown from our window onto Brunswick Street and landing on cars....Oppps

Here are some photos from the party...I get more and more drunk...

Today is my last day in Melbourne and I have alot of packing to do so I cant write much right now...