Monday, April 30, 2007


I havent posted in a while, due to having a 2nd job...but I quit that shit. Who can be bothered waking up at 5:00am just to make some more money. Honey I just wanted more sleep.

Well There have been a few parties, Teenage Kicks and Gift. Teenage Kicks was a bit boring for me because Henry drank all my alcahol so I wasnt drunk....but Henry was! So fucking annoying. PLUS we had to ride our bikes home, and he crashed many times. Stupid foolio. And the SPANK! girls wernt there (well only 2 Maya and Asami...Maya was cute because she has a crush on this boy who is in a band who was going to play...but he broke her heart because he already has a girlfriend) , the rest were in Chicago buying stock for the shop! (lucky girls, and Saki went to New York...super jealous) So no super cuteness at Teenage Kicks. When they got back they bought me a presant, everything was red, red bag, red necklace, 4 red headbands, red sunglasses....they know my style lol!!! :>

Here are some Teenage Kicks Pics:

This is Henry looking cute and drunk

Me looking cute in pigtails

This is Emiko, from CANDY and the dj group SEX who are playing at our wedding!

This is me Maya (with the pink) and Asami

OHHH I almost forgot, last week I got really sick and started vomiting in Shibuya. So I went to the Koban (police station) and they called me an ambulance. YES thats right...I went in an AMBULANCE to hospital! It was my 1st time in an ambulance, and it was really fun and exciting (even though I was sick) Ambulances here are realllllllly realllllly LOUD because they yell over a loud speaker in Japanese "get out of the way" and the Ambo's were really nice, they were kinda excited to practice English. They had a book with symptons in English they wanted me to point to what I had. So funny. OH and the ambulance was full of soft cute! Anyway when I got to the hospital there was a group of nurses and doctors who spoke English waiting. The nurses said I was very cute and fashionable. It was funny because the doctor asked me "How are you" and as you know in English we always say good out of I said "good" and the doctor was like "Why are you here then?" he didnt get my auto response. Anyway I had a stomach virus they call Noro virus here *pronounced noro verus* For the 2nd time ahhhh so crap! and poor Henry was so worried, he was doing an extra training day for his job and he was about to do a very important test when I called him to say come to the hospital. So he had to leave early, but the trainer didnt believe him. Oh well. Back at the hospital they asked me if I wanted to go on a drip...of course I didnt want to, so I asked did I need to, and they said of course I said no to the drip, I HATE needles! Another strange thing about Japanese hospitals is the doctor doesnt tell you what medicine he is giving you, you find out at the chemist! Very strange. I also read that doctors tell the family 1st if you have cancer, then its up to the family wether or not they tell you, and most often the dont! CRAZY!!!

Ok so that was a poorly written paragraph, but hey I never said I was a writter, I'm just a fashionable girl living in Tokyo.

The next party was Gift in Ni-chome in Shinjuku (the gay area)

It was a costume party, so me and Henry dressed up as the Olsen Twins! I bought this giant flanelette shirt to wear as a dress and a peace necklace (grunge is back) and Henry wore his new $200 April 77 very skinny jeans with a red check shirt and braces. Very cool. We started the night at a BBQ at Gallermics new appartment (he is no longer homeless after being kicked out of my place) which was really cool and fun. Mai and Ole were there, so was Kim from Osaka. OH Gallermic and Ole are in TUNE magazine this month, Mai is in Fruits, and so is Yulia (who is djing at our wedding) and a whole bunch of other people. I love these people! I never want to leave Tokyo, but at the same time I cant wait to go back home and open a shop with Henry. Its a strange place to be mentally...I know I have to leave in September, but it is too soon, but not soon enough...Ah.. I think I need to visit Tokyo every year for the rest of my life...and if we have a shop we will be able to do that very easily ala spank.

This is all of us on our way to the party. Gallermic is wearing bernhard willhelm!!!
Do you like my dress?

Ok so at this party called Gift we met this really cool guy called Jonte. He is the chereographer for BEYONCE! He also directed her film clips and appears in them. OH and he knows the Olsen twins, and he danced for Madonna, Janet Jackson at the infamous superbowl concert....ahhhhh my god in Australia we would never meet someone like that! He was wearing only a g-string too! (kind of like the Borat g-string swimming costume, lol)

Bizzare who is djing at our wedding and this nice girl who I always see....i love her but forget her name, oopps. She is in FRUiTS mag this month too!

Yohei was really really drunk and fell asleep in the gutter

Gallermic, Jonte in more clothes and Kim

Yulia who is djing at our wedding

Our wedding is next Saturday I cant wait.

This is the party invite

This is the picnic invite

Yesterday we had to go to Spank to pick up the necklace Maya made for my wedding. It is sooooo cute. Its a red love heart with Hayley and Henry forever written in it. We also went shopping, there is this new shop called UT which is a shop by uniqlo and in collaboration with Terry Richardson. Anyway this shop is really cool, t-shirts are all $15 or 1500yen and they come in capsules all along the wall, kinda like vending machines. Henry bought one that says FASHION IS DEAD we still make it. So cool.

Here he is wearing it and me in my Mary-Kate inspired dress at the Spank shop

I have so many more photos I want to post, but I cant be bothered right now


OMG really annoying

AHHHH I have just spent 3 hours trying to get my blog onto the new blogger system. It wouldnt have taken so long if it was in ENGLISH but due to my location it automatically goes to JAPANESE and I CANT READ Japanese! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god that took forever, cutting and pasting into an online translating program, dechiphering the ENGRISH it gave me and then trying to type in Japanese. AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I was going to post cool photos from a party we went to but I cant be bothered now.

I will update tomorrow

Sayonara xxx

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Ok, ok I know I said I will post daily during fashion week...but I've been busy!

Henry and I decided to get married while he was here in Tokyo, so I've been orgainising that. We are having a picnic wedding ceremony in Yoyogi Park, then a cool party in Shibuya with Spank dj and Gallermic dj! Its gonna be so much FUN!

I bought some cool fake chloe shoes to wear to the wedding on ebay from the USA. It was really annoying to pay for them because we had to use western union and there is only ONE in Japan and it is far away and really really busy grrrrrrr. The good thing is its near the Imperial Palace, so me and Henry had a nice time afterwards in the garden of the palace!

Arent the shoes HOT???

The Imperial Palace gate. I love the swan!

A large "Bonsai" style tree in the Imperial Palace garden.

My wedding dress is a lover look white lace babydoll dress I bought for only $50! sooooo cheap. Its really cute and short! Its gonna look hot with my shoes and the Spank gals are making me a giant red heart necklace thats says hayley n henry in it...soooo coool

OH during Tokyo Fashion week me and gallermics photo appeared in the daily fashion week was a paperazi style photo, so cool. Our photo was right next to the PRIME MINISTER of Japan, Abe!!! Like we were important!

*****I will upload a photo of the paper soon*****

Also right now the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) is out so its Hanami party time. We have been to a few parties lately...its soooo crowded, like the melbourne show!

This tree is my faveourite. Its near my house so I see it every day.
It seems a bit dangerous to have all the branches so close to the
powerlines...but hey its a cherry blossom I guess thats
why they dont cut it down. On Sunday people even had a Hanami party
under this tree! They blocked off the road and hung lanterns in it.
I didnt get to take a photo of that, sorry.

These are some trees in Yoyogi Park.

Me in yoyogi Park.

This is in Shinjuku Park. In front of me is my friend ***** who
is visiting from *********. Then the guy in the blue shirt is her *******, and the other people
are her *******'s friends. Notice how Henry's daks are out! Ha ha!
When me and Henry arrived it started photo mania. Because we dress
"Kawaii" or very cute we always get people wanting to take our photo.
So basically for 30 mins we were posing to a chorus of "kawaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii"
"you are so cute", "cute couple" etc...It gets embarrasing!!!!

Look how many people. Most cant even see the cherry blossoms! CRAZY!
People cheer when the blossoms "snow" petals as its the most beautiful
part of Hanami. It really does look like snow!

Near my house there is this cute dog that sleeps on a 2nd story ledge that seems really dangerous!

Can you see him?

Here he adorable! KAWAII!!!
My camera does a good zoom in!

Also I have had another visitor here in Japan. Her name is *****, and we met off ************.com (a bit embarrasing) but she is really cool. We took her around Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku. We took her to the spank shop, she loved it. Maya was there being cute.

Me and ***** out the front of Meiji Shrine in Harajuku.

We saw some Kimono clad girls at the Shrine. Kawaiiiiiii.

Here is the Shrine.

Ok I have to go meet ***** in Akhibara Electric town. We are going to a maid cafe! YAY!!!


*some names have been edited for privacy