Thursday, August 16, 2007

Goodbye Tokyo

Well I'm sorry about how I have neglected this blog lately, but what with moving back home and all the things I was doing I was just way too busy!

BUT here it is. The Final Post about Tokyo! After this the blog is changing directions and changing cities!!!

Ok so Here goes

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to Tokyo Decadence, an erotica crazy party. Well yes I did go and it was NUTS! So many g-strings and so much leather and glitter make-up. I took Hilary and we had a great time. I even got to meet Nanbu from the Tokyo Shock Boys!

I went to Spank dj, Teenage Kicks, Vanity, Hanabi, Disneyland, stayed at spank house, went to the best swimming pool ever, airport...soooo many things in my last 2 weeks!

Tokyo Decadence


This photo shows the crazy wet underpants comp.
The men started off having paper wrapped around them
then members of the audience started squirting them
with water guns so the paper will fall off!

Bondage man!

There were alot of people dressed like this!
I repeat, ewwwwwww

Me and Nanbu from the Tokyo Shock Boys.

Kawaii Dancing girl

Tripple Nipple played.

Me and that is Abe at the front. We met him that night, and
I ended up going to a few parties and to Disneyland with him.
He is from the USA, he was in Tokyo for 2 months, he is
a fine art student. He had a crush on Maya.

Galllermic and Tabuchi

Me and Hil

Flexible Hil

Spank DJ Party

From left to right:
Ume, Asami, Me, Saki, Tabuchi,
Maya, Eri and Yuki.



Me and Yuki

Last Spank Lesson :<
Yuki, Tabuchi, Maya and Saki.
I gave them each a certificate that Henry made for me.
They passed with flying colours.
Cool Bananas!!!

Teenage Kicks

DJ booth

Saki, Asami, Maya, Eri and Yuki!!!

Shingo, long time no see!

Bikini Dancer (The dancers are from Tokyo Decadence, they were doing a performance!)

Me, Abe and Pink tranny guy.
I was dancing like a maniac!

Asakusa Hanabi Matsuri
(Asakusa's Summer Fireworks Festival)

Hanabi (Fireworks)

Tabuchi and Maya
It was so much fun, so many people, so much beautiful fireworks!

Also lots of beautiful Yukata (Summer Kimono)
This was at the train station on the way to the festival!


This party was meant to be full of Fuji-Rock celebs. Apparently it was, I just didn't recognise anyone due to being drunk and kinda not into bands....oh well.

Tabuchi and Gallermic in his Green cape!

The guy with the bowl cut wouldn't let me take a photo of him...until
I told him I was a photographer for the Australian mag Oyster and he
would be in the next issue. Then he really wanted me to photograph him!

Swimming Pool

This is the craziest pool I have EVER seen! It is the Edogawa Pool Garden. It was very cheap to get in, only 500Yen (About $5AUD) which for Japan is super cheap! Other pools cost $50!
I liked this pool soooo much I went twice. Once on my own and then again with Hil. The pool is very very shallow, only up to your upper thigh! But that is normal for Japan, because my friend KG who lived in Aus for 1 year was very very shocked by Aussie pools and how deep they are, he thinks it is very dangerous. I think however Japanese pools are more dangerous, because the ground is painted the same colour as the water and EVERYONE has these floaty boats, but the kids have the dangerous banned in Australia ones. The ones that your legs go through and if it turns upside down you cant turn it upright and you are stuck. This happened to a 2 year old infront of me and Hil, so we had to rescue him....sooooooo dangerous!

The STRANGEST thing about this pool though is how every 2 hours there is an announcement and everyone gets out of the pool. When this first happened I had been there for 5 minutes and I thought it was closing. But I stayed around, watching what happens to see if maybe its just to clean the pool or something. Well the lifegaurds all get together and talk, and 10 mins later everyone can get back into the pool. I asked the Spank girls WHY this happens. They said it is for your health! What the? Its so you have a break. It doesnt make any sense to me. Crazy Japanese. When I took Hil to the pool she thought it was the silliest thing too.

ALSO they have a water slide and a big loop pool that has a current that pushes you along. Its very fun!

Lots of people at the pool!

Me and Hil in our swimsuits!

The loop pool that pushes you along!

I ended up having to stay at the Spank Girls houses due to my "Gaijin house" (foreigner share house) wanting me to pay my FULL RENT to stay an extra 5 days! BULLSHIT.
But it ended up being the best thing ever. I stayed at Maya's house for 2 nights, Yuki and KG's for 1 night then Tabuchi's for 2 nights! Maya's house is very small but nice, and Yukis house is CRAZY small, but nice. Tabuchis house is the biggest and very clean. I had sooooooo much fun staying at their houses, I'm glad that its the way it worked out! Maya was soooo nice, so helpful, helping me pack, get a suitcase posted to Australia and sooo much more. Maya I miss you!!! Yuki and KG made a great dinner of soba noodles (actually it was a different noodle, but same kinda thing) and Tabuchi made yummy tomato soup. Soooo great! Yay yay!


I went to Disneyland with Maya, Abe and Saki. Maya, Abe and I got the starlight passport from 3 and Saki came at 6 with the nightlight passport.


Saki, Me, Abe and Maya!

Our photo from Splash mountain. Its actually a photo of the photo they show you that
you are ment to buy....haha.
You can see that Saki is ducking, and Maya was trying to.
This was our 2nd time on the ride, and me and Abe were trying to make them not duck,
but it was impossible. They were too scared, so cute.

Me and Maya, Im Minnie Mouse and she is Daisy Duck.

Goodbye Party at Tabuchi's House!!!

"Western Eyes"
kinda racist...but hey I did Japanese eyes for them too...they just laughed!

Everyone enjoying Tabuchis GREAT cooking.
It was amazing, all vegetarian and healthy and "Oishi" (Delicious in Japanese)

We had to pick up my suitcase from the Spank shop.
Hil and Maya slept over on the last night too, after the party.

Hil is very Kichigy (crazy)


Ths Spank girls, Hil and my student Sakiko all came to the airport to say goodbye.

I look in shock.
Yuki, Hil, Tabuchi, Me, Saki and Maya.
After this we all cried!

Me and Sakiko my student. We ate Maccas breakfast on the observation balcony!

That was my FINAL Tokyo post (for now!)

I had the BEST time, better than I ever imagined.

Love Forever Hayley xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, July 21, 2007

SPANK! Road trip and Beach Hanabi PARTY


The road trip was alot of FUN. I got picked up in Shinjuku, just out front of work, and I had to change from work clothes into "Spank!" clothes at work...which your not allowed to do, but ehhh who cares I'm leaving soon.

KG was the driver, Yuki was the gps navigator and it was me Tabouchi, Saki, Eri and Maya in the back. We had ALOT of chips, chocolate, candy and a HUGE box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts that Maya got. Krispy Kreme has only got 1 store in Japan, and its in Shinjuku behind my work. You have to line up for more then 1 hour to get them...poor Maya!

We went to Enoshima beach, which is near Kamakura beach, but it isnt as dirty. We had a huge picnic dinner that Tabouchi made and it was sooooo yummmy. It was all vegetarian, she has an American boyfriend who is vegetarian so she knows how to cook for us! YAY

Eri, Tabouchi, Me, Maya, Yuki and Saki

Charlies Spank Girls

Fireworks for Hanabi

Jumping yay

Crazy Kg and Me

Excited beach dance

Eri's bunny shoes died. Sayonara

Yummy vege food!!! Thanx Tabouchi

Picnic yay

jumping in the sand

Me and Tabouchi

Cute Saki and Maya

Pink fireworks


Maya dancing

Crazy swirly photoshop

KG draws something

twirling tabouchi

The Hanabi fireworks turned out to be fireworks Yuki bought and we let off. You can buy fireworks anywhere, conbinis, donkies ect....crazy.

However most of the fireworks are kinda just big sparklers, not many shoot up in the air ones.

After alot of fun with the fireworks the police came and told us off because you cant use them after 10pm in this area. We didnt know that cos we are from Tokyo, so we wernt in trouble.

It started to rain a little bit so we all jumped back in the car to go to Enoshima Mountain. On the top of the mountain there is a kind of radio tower/viewing deck. Its a popular date spot, you come with a padlock and lock it onto the metal fence and throw away the key and then the lock is there forever and your love will last forever. Romantic!

I was to scared to go to the top of the viewing deck, it was very shaky the tower, and since the earthquake last week I'm a bit jumpy.

The view...a little shook up

We saw a frog!

Going back to the car after a FUN night!

After that it started pouring with rain so we jumped back in the car to go home back to Tokyo. We dropped Eri and Maya of at Shibuya Station, then made our way to my house so they could pick up my stuff: my red drawers, my giant hello kitty light, my white mirror, my red chair and a whole lot of hair stuff like curlers and hairspray and also a few magazines. I still have alot to get rid of before I make the move back home...ahhhh stressful!

Tonight I'm going to this party called Tokyo Decedence...its kind of a S&M/erotica/harajuku fashion party....its going to be cool hopefully.

I'll post more pics then

Bye Bye xxxxx