Monday, February 12, 2007

My life is a dream!!!

In my post dated Monday, September 11, 2006 I say that my aim is to get into FRUiTS magazine....wellllll I havent done that yet BUT I'm so close, closer than I actually ever thought I would be. I'm in the next issue of Tokyo Graffitti magazine with Henry (we got asked on the street in Harajuku to answer a question and let them take a photo of us...the question was whats the difference between japanese schools and the ones where we are from...I said Japanese students are under alot of pressure compared to Australian students....BUT they have a better uniform!!!), and the japanese version of Tokion (I'm not sure but maybe the USA issue too....hopefully!!!) Thanks to the fab Fashion Ramone (Gallermic my old housemate) who takes fashion party pics for Tokion. Both mags come out late Feb, so I will try and post pics here somehow...but I dont have a scanner.

BUT thats not the best bit....for me the best bit is that I'm friends with all these cool fashion kids....who are in ALL the magazines. I cant pick up an issue of a magazine without saying "oh theres so and so in FRUiTS" or "hey thats the spank girls in Cutie"...Thats why my life is a dream right now....this was my dream for 4 years or more...and now I am reallllllly living it...I cant believe I know the people in FRUiTS...and they have told me the secrets of how to get in because they think I sooooo can...YAY but sorry I wont tell you all because then I will have more competition!!!

I finally feel like I'm making it in FASHION....Ive got a job interview on Thursday to work as a fashion buyer here in maybe no more NOVA even though I really enjoy it. Obviously teaching English isnt my chosen carreer, so I hope I get this other job...It would set me up for life...getting cool jobs back home or even in London!!!

Me and Henry saw Marie Antoinette the other day in Roppongi. Its def one of my fave movies ever...the costumes, music and acting....ohhh I loved it!

Also in Roppongi we went to the Mori Tower to the worlds tallest art gallery, on the 53rd floor. There is an observation deck on the 52nd floor and I got really scared, even though Ive been there before without a problem. The exhibition was great, "humour in art"...japanese contemporary art is soooo cool and funny. I remember a few years ago at Fed square in Melbourne an exhibition with 6 Japanese artists and 6 Aussies...(including one of my uni tutors), The Japanese art was soooo funny but the Aussie stuff more serious...I LOVE art that takes the piss...all of my art is funny...I think maybe its the only way people can relate to art these days...a pretty picture doesnt cut it anymore.

The view of Tokyo

Me and Henry went to a few parties...but not many recently because we have been sooo poor. It costs about 4000yen entry each to most parties when I cant somehow get on the door list soooo when thats all we have till payday (Which is once a month in Japan) theres no way we are going!

This is me at HAPPY in Shibuya...I coloured in my eyebrows for a freaky effect but just look stupid!

Henry has decided he wants to try and stay for 6 months...because he failed uni last semester he has to repeat 1 semester either now or in July...sooo he is thinking July... Right now he is trying to get a job (He had one but didnt go...because he is stoooooooopid) and orgainise the by the end of the week we will know if its 6 more months or 1 more week!

Today we went to Yoyogi park to fly a kite and have a picnic! We rode our bikes there and it was a nice day, but verrrrrry windy. The kite was a failure, it ripped and fell appart, I guess thats what you get for buying it at a 100yen shop.

Henry and the kite

Me on the picnic rug

We found a better way of getting to Harajuku on hills, flat all the way and we get there in 20 mins, Shibuya 30 now we dont need the all the way baby! AND no more EXPESNIVE taxis!!! YAY

Ok Its time for bed for me!

Wish me luck with the job,