Friday, June 22, 2007

My Fashion Lovies

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From Left to right:
New black and white check dress from Harajuku (so cheap I have it in red too), New white lace babydoll dress from my wedding Tokyo, New black and white babydoll dress with bib detail from three minutes happiness Shibuya Tokyo, Vintage yellow smiley face bag from thank you mart Harajuku Tokyo, Vintage tartan jacket from Kinji Harajuku Tokyo, New white jelly shoes from Harajuku Tokyo, Vintage red check dress from flea market in Shimokitazawa Tokyo, Vintage white wayfarers from Laforet Harajuku Tokyo, Lolita heart glasses from ebay, heart brooch from Hunter Gatherer Melbourne Australia, I heart Spank badge from my friends shop in Harajuku Tokyo, Peace necklace from wego Harajuku Tokyo, Brooch which was a gift, Owl necklace from flea market in Shimokitazawa Tokyo, Vintage red polka dot skirt from Harajuku flea market, Black brogue hells from Melbourne Australia, Vintage blouse from Shimokitazawa Tokyo, New red and white check dress from Harajuku, New black and white striped skirt from Melbourne Australia, Vintage Shiny Leggings Kinji Harajuku Tokyo, New silver oxfords from Harajuku Tokyo, Vintage blouse from NYC, New hear shaped bag from Shimokitazawa Tokyo, Vintage oversized flanny from Koenji Tokyo (I wear it as a dress)

Fashion Lovies is an idea from the fashion blog
Style Bubble basically you take photos of all your fave items in your wardrobe, the things you dont need but you love ALOT! Well those were my lovies. you can see that I'm really inspired by Japanese Street Fashion, and shop alot in Harajuku...well thats because its cheap!!!

Sayonara xxx

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beach trip

Me and Henry had a lovely weekend in Kamakura and Yokohama. Kamakura is a beach town about 1 hour from Tokyo. It was the 1st capital of Japan in 1192. and it was a samurai government. There is a GIANT Buddha statue called Daibutsu that was cast in 1252 and originally located inside a large temple hall. However, the temple buildings were washed away by a tsunami tidal wave in the end of the 15th century, and since then the Buddha has stood in the open air.The statue is smaller than the Buddha statue in Nara, but this one was amazing, I think because of the beautiful scenery of mountains behind it.

As you can see there are heaps of people. This is a popular weekend spot for the Japanese, and its probably better to not come on the weekend. We only came on Sunday because it was meant to be better weather (we wanted to go swimming...more on that later). You can also go inside the Buddha for 20yen. Its amazing that they cast this almost 2000 years ago! Inside was some graffiti from 1870! Our photos didn't really work though, sorry.

Me and Henry in matching accident!

Kamakura is famous for having beautiful Hydrangeas at this time of year. So we stopped and looked at them for a bit.

Like my outfit?

Ok so as I mentioned this was a beach trip. Yes there are alot of temples in Kamakura, but really once you have seen 1 temple you have seen them all, and being good Aussies we really love the beach (well actually thats not true, we only started loving the beach after living in Tokyo for 9 months, we miss all this "Aussie" stuff we never or rarely did back home, like BBQ's in the park, going to the footy, pubs etc) The beach is called Yuigahama Beach and my students had all told me that Kamakura beach isn't clean, but I didn't believe them. They always say Tokyo is filthy when really its not, so I thought this was just another thing like that. Well no, this beach is DISGUSTING!!! I cant believe how filthy it was, I didn't think it was possible to have a beach so rank. There was trash everywhere, and strange half built shacks, no seagulls just menacing crows and a HAWK!!! Plus I almost stood on a used condom, and I searched for pictures on google of the beach and I found a photo of a GIANT VIBRATOR someone found on the beach!!! Ewwwww. Also the sand is black (from the inactive volcano) which isnt so bad (Tahiti had black sand in some areas...but here it just added to the ewwwness). There are also 3 storm water drains going straight into the water...It was really disappointing, because we were all excited to go swimming, but I put my legs in for 1 minute and had so much floating rubbish around my feet I couldn't move. So we sat on the sand, on our new beach towels wondering why this beach gets soooooo packed in summer. Who could swim there? Well I guess we have it good in Melbourne, with the exception of St Kilda beach, but even that has been cleaned up recently. The view out onto the water is pretty though. Lots of sufers and windsurfers and hills to the left. PLUS it was nice to see some open space!

Rusty boats


Nice view

One of the crows with the beach shacks behind

Below is the photo I found on google of what someone found on the beach here!


On Monday we went to Yokohama. Yokohama is the 2nd biggest city in Japan, just 30 mins from Tokyo. It has a Chinatown and some shopping malls and an amusement park called Cosmoworld. We went to Chinatown 1st. It wasnt very busy, and we couldnt find any vegetarian food, plus all the restaurants were very expensive. It wasnt as good as Melbournes Chinatown if you ask me. Melbourne's Chinatown is more real, like it has an organic feel to it, and it isnt just full of tacky giftshops. I would say that Melbs Chinatown is more like an Asiatown though, with Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese restaurants and shops. However it was fun to go see what its like, and eat some prawncrackers (heyyyyy they are the only meat product I ever eat!!!)

Dumpling street stall

Numchucks and instructions

Cool dudes

One of the many panda gift shops

A Chinese temple

Next we went to have a look at the harbour. Its very pretty.

Henry, looking fine and fashionable!

I bought this hat in Chinatown and it was about to blow off...hence the mad laughing crazed woman face!

After having a bite to eat and checking out some malls we went to Cosmoworld. I convinced Henry to go on the log flume ride. It was soooooo much fun! Its really really fast and it has 2 big drops into the water, and you hardly get wet. Henry was terrified and after the 1st drop told me he hated me and wanted to get off NOW! It made me laugh so much...poor Henry, he is such a wuss! I also went on the rollercoaster (alone) which is called Vanish, because the big dip takes you into a hole in the ground, so you vanish! Cosmoworld is really pretty, behind the park is a nice view of the city, and Japans tallest building, Landmark Tower, with the worlds fasted elevator at 45kph...we didnt go up to the observation deck on the 69th floor for exactly that reason...I HATE LIFTS!!! BUT I'm not scared of rollercoasters, wierd hey. I'm also terrified of ferris wheels, so we didnt go in this one, which is meant to be the worlds tallest Ferris wheel (I thought the one in Odaiba was. but thats Tokyo's tallest)

Cosmoworld by day

Cosmoworld by night

Me posing infront of the photo wall

Bad photo of the coaster going into the hole

Landmark Tower, the view from the park

Sayonara xxx

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A week of Work Fashion

I decided to post a weeks worth of work outfits to get your opinions. My company is very conservative when it comes to dress sense and I am always in trouble for my clothes. It really annoys me because I am trying to dress conservatively, and it is if you see what I normally wear. In Australia this wouldn't even be an issue, because wearing fashion to work is normal, but in Japan everyone is a black suit clone. When I look at Aussie fashion mags and what they suggest for work wear its all very cool, but you wouldn't get away with it here. Some things I bought from the work section of TARGET!!!! and they get me in trouble!!! I don't get it! So here are my weeks worth of work clothes (so far 2 days worth) and I want to know what you think. Are my outfits too fashionable for work? Are they too "maid style"?

1st work day, Tuesday 12th June

Dress: New, bought on the weekend at Three Minutes Happiness in Shibuya, $26
Bag: Anap Harajuku, $50
Shoes: Big W work heels $20 (bought in desperation for a job interview!!!)
Hair in a ponytail...looks a bit shoddy!

In this outfit I got told by students that I look like Kirstin Dunst!!!

Cute Bib detailing

2nd work day, Wednesday 13th June

Ballet Flats and hot legs in pantyhose!

Blouse: Vintage, Kinji in Harajuku $8
Skirt: Vintage, Savers Melbourne $4
Shoes: Payless shoes Melbourne $30
Belt: Portmans Melbourne $30

3rd work day, Friday 15th June (Thursday I forgot to take a photo!)

On Thursday I fell off my bicycle because of the rain and got huge scratches all up my legs. I was also late to work because I had to go home and change due to my pantyhose being all torn and muddy! Really annoying!

Blouse: Vintage, Kinji Harajuku $8
Skirt: Vintage, Savers Melbourne $4
Shoes: trendy brogues, Mollini Melbourne $119
Braces: Target Bendigo $20
Bow necklace: Diva Melbourne $6 (gift at the airport from my mum)
Not really the best outfit, but my knee hurt and I was tired. Notice how much black and white I'm wearing to work. I got in trouble for wearing colour. So boring!!!!

BUT my fashionspiration comes from Chloe Sevigny

She has AMAZING legs...that guy cant help but check them out!

I was talking to my superior about what I wear, and he said I need to look at someone and model my look on them. I was like "I do already, Chloe Sevigny". He was like, uhhhh not what I meant! LOL...oh well!

4th work day, Saturday 16th June

Shirt: Valleygirl Melbourne $20
Vest: Valleygirl Melbourne $15
Skirt: Target Melbourne $30 (I had to remove tons of ugly beads from this skirt!)
Belt: Portmans Melbourne $30
Bird Necklace: Diva Melbourne $3
Payless shoes Melbourne $30

Very Melbourne...

So that was a weeks worth of fashion. Not too exciting, very toned down from my regular wardrobe...but I still get in trouble!!! WHYYYYYY?

AHHHH something strange happened to the font size...even if i make it tiny on the published blog it goes HUGE...ahhh sorry ill fix it soon!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fashionspiration and Wish List

It is becoming SUMMER in Japan and I have never before been so excited for Summer. I guess it is because I have had a whole year of winter. I'm craving going to the beach and swimming like you wont believe! I dont think I've been swimming at a beach since we went to Tahiti for the Christmas of2005 (what a jetsetter hey? we were so lucky to go to Tahiti and stay in a 5 star resort for FREE thanks to Tahiti Airlines who we flew with to New York because they were the cheapest...$1000 each plus tax to NYC is AMAZING!!!! But to have 2 days in Tahiti for NOTHING was sooo FANTASTIC...even though poor Henry got very badly sunburnt)

Anyway I have compiled a picture list of things I want and things that inspire me.

Has anyone noticed that I only wear red, black and white? Well I'm hoping to change that by adding YELLOW to my wardrobe which is the colour of the season...It is dificult for me to do this though, as I havent had any other colours for about 3 years now (yes I am slightly insane!) but seeing as I am now a blonde I'm thinking yellow will suit me. I cant believe I had black hair for soooooooooo long, blonde hair really really suits me. Students ask me if I'm from Scandenavia (wtf how could I be teaching English then??? You have to be a native speaker) and I get sooo many compliments.

For my new YELLOW look I think this skirt will be perfect. Its from Supre in Australia and its $35. I saw it when I was back home, but I didnt have enough money at the time (I went home with only $150 for the week, soooo annoying. I had to get things like toothpaste and work shoes, not fashion...poooooo) I want to order it online, but as my credit cards are all maxed out I cant. I'm going to go shopping tomorrow in Harajuku for something similar.

This dress is also from Supre (hey I guess I like teen fashion) but I think its sooooo cute. Its also only $35 and I think it will be perfect for putting on over my red polka dot tankini (singlet bikini, to hide the belly) It can go from beach to street very easily.

Just like Kirsten Dunst did. However I will be putting a t-shirt on under mine to hide the jelly arms.
Beach Street

I'm also missing my Marc Jacobs basket beach bag because stupidly I didnt pack it when I went back home. I got it half price when we were in New York (and some fantastic Marc Jacobs shoes too) and its perfect for this season. I'm missing it so much I'm thinking of getting this tote. Its just a plain bag with very obvious branding. BUT the selling point is its only $12!!! I've seen it all other the fashion blogs, and I checked it out on his website. I'm hoping they sell it at the Tokyo Marc Jacobs store.

I'm also excited about this silly bag too. Its by Anya Hindmarch and it has been so popular in the UK since its launch it is sold out. Lots of celebs have been caught wearing it. It sold for £5 originally but now the price has gone up a bit. People sell theirs on ebay for $250 or more! Well anyway it is being launched here in Japan on July 14th and will be available through Anya Hindmarch stores in Japan, Isetan and Dover Street Market Tokyo. The colouring is cream with green writing in Japan. I'm wondering if these are going to sell out in seconds here, with lines going around the block (most store openings are like this) But I'm mostly curious to see if the Japanese will know what it means. They use so much plastic here its nuts. Every individual strawberry is in its on plastic bag, anything you buy is put in a bag, even a drink and Maccas! They do this because its rude to not package things, its a tradition....a very annoying one! Anyway I'm gonna get myself 2 of this I reckon. 1 for me and 1 for ebay....shhhhh

In my previous blog post you can see I tried to make a House of Holland tee, but even though I'm happy with it, I'm really wanting a real one anyway. PLUS my FAVE model Agyness Deyn wears hers ALL THE TIME (she gets paid to wear it as a model, but also loves it so much she wears them for FREE, great advertising!)
If anyone knows where I can get 1 in Tokyo please tell me.
I love Agyness so much, she was the face of UK Vogue last month, which has to be the best cover ever! She also parties at all the hot parties like misshapes and boombox (when me and Henry went to misshapes in NYC we thought it was hella boring, and so do most of my friends, Yohei did a funny impression of all the people standing around posing...everyone says boombox is the best one, Yohei loved it...god I need to go to london!!!)

I'm also loving this Cory Kennedy chicks blog. She is like 17 and rich and famous, but also super fashionable. What I love the most though is how she was this net celeb and her parents didnt notice, but once they did they shipped her off to boarding school. It hasnt stopped her partying, just now she doesnt blog as often.

Here she is with her friends and Kelly Osbourne.

Im still obsessed with white wayfarer's. I bought some (you can see mine in my previous post) but I dont thing the lenses are dark enough. Anyway here are some of my fave celebs in theirs

Kirsten Dunst
Im loving her flanny shirt over bathers smoking a ciggy combo. God I want to go to the beach!

The original and the best, Chloe Sevigny

Mary Kate

I'm no longer angry either. That was a moment of insanity. I just wanted to be photographed at a cool party. Melbourne isnt so bad, and I am glad I went home, I mean it was for my beloved nanas funeral. Plus me and Henry are going to open a shop ASAP! so its going to be FUN!!!

Sayonara xxx

Friday, June 08, 2007


There are so many reasons for me to be angry right now. Number 1 I am angry at myself for dropping out of uni. Basically because of that I cant live in Japan long term, I have to leave in September. I dont want to leave, infact I never want to leave. While I was in shitty fucken Australia I missed the BEST party, the VICE party....Guess who was there? COBRASNAKE he took photos of all my friends (check out the tokyo pics)...but of course not me. He takes all the photos from cool parties around the world and he is very very famous...I mean he took photos of Mary-Kate, and he also propelled Cory Kennedy to stardom via Nylon mag. If I go back to Australia there is none of this, no possibility of meeting anyone cool or famous, no possibility of any FUN. I dont know what to do. A friend suggested seeing if I know anyone who can sponser my visa...they suggested the Spank gals...but I'm 100% sure I need a degree to be elegiable to be sponsered. Fuckity Fuck fuck fuck! If anyone knows how I can stay longer than the extra 6 month visa extension let me know please!!!

Anyway I had to write that down because I needed some healing!!! (crazy yes?)

UPDATE: some of my friends are on
Which is a blog that teases cool people! Why? Cos they are jelous honey...anyway #7 is Yuki, #2 is Ole and Rory and #1 is Jonte! Check it out!!!


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Birthday Gal, SPANK! party, Vice mag Gals AND Tokyo Fashion!!!

It was my 23rd Birthday on Wednesday. I didnt really do much, as I had to work and as we recently had a huge wedding party I couldnt be bothered orgainising something else! Instead Henry made me my fave meal, vege tacos for dinner and gave me a cute birthday cake!

I also have been feeling really inspired lately to draw and design and to just generally be creative. I feel that online there is this whole community of creative people doing things and I need to be part of it. Suddenly there are all these street fashion blogs from around the world, I used to take photos of people on the street in art school as art 4 years ago!!! Now its very common. If only I was more tech savy back then, I could have a cool blog read by thousands of people. BUT I dont find blogging very fun, its slow, I hate computers and I get bored I guess I cant be bothered. I do this blog sparadically, and only recently have I been doing more than 1 post a month. I'm living in Tokyo, there is alot to do every day, so blogging isnt a priority...but I wish it was...and I wish I could be bothered doing it everyday and post photos of all the crazy Japanese fashion I see, get more readers and become famous! lol

Anyway here are some drawings I did of ideas for my wedding dress

The SPANK! gals had the BEST PARTY for their 3 year anniversary of their shop. It was held in Shibuya in this really cool club. It was the 1st time I had seen more than 10 SPANK! gals at a time. We walk into the club and their are like 150 pink faries dancing so hyper like 5 year olds who ate too much fairy bread and drank alot of red cordial! Soooooo cute!

So many girls, soooo much pink!

Yohei is back from London, where he was shocked by the drug use at Boombox
(hot London party) Tokyo has no drugs!!!

So cute, I heart you!


Petty, who is a model for Zipper...or Cutie?

Gallermic has new gungaru Shibuya boy hair.

From left to right: Ebony from myspace, Saki, Jamie from Vice mag, me and
Peggy a fashion designer from Kansass city.

Dance floor

Yuki and Maya perform the crazy SPANK! dance!

Toxic Lipstick, a band from Aus who live in Osaka.

Maya and Yuki as bunny's

My outfit for the night. I love my shirt!

Henry's outfit

The other night at 4am me and Henry were bored so we got crafty. Right now we are loving baggy t-shirts worn as dresses and House of Holland we got some cheap tees and some fabric pens and set to work on a fab creation!


Henry was blown away by the coolness of our craftyness

So as mentioned there were some Vice gals here in Tokyo. Jamie is a photographer for vice and Peggy is a fashion designer, both are from Kansass in the USA. I missed the huge vice party because I was in Melbourne, but we got to meet them a few times. Nice gals, and it was nice to speak English instead of Engrish! I believe Jamie was here to take photos from vice mag about Tokyo fashion, so maybe that will be in the Aus edition, I'm not sure.

Yuki, Tabouchi, Peggy and Jamie.

I got a new dress the other day. Here it is worn at Tokyo Dome City amusement park, where we missed the rollercoaster by 10 mins. I really wanted to go on it....poo. The dress is from a vintage store in Shimokitazawa and it was such a find, just what I have been looking for, and only $40 which is good for vintage in Tokyo!

The dress looks better teamed with a white t-shirt and white shoes and my new fave hairstyle, high ponytail in a black and white polkadot scrunchy. Photos of that will come soon!!!

Anyway its 4am, my usual bedtime