Saturday, May 05, 2007

Wedding Picnic Photos ***NEW PHOTOS***

We had the BEST DAY ever! We want to thank everyone who came and helped out!

Sayonara xxx


Melissa said...

Hayley, that's awesome— congratulations to you both!

Elana Mullaly said...

Hi hayley,
Im from Brisbane and am coming to japan next month june 9- 17 with my fiance. You look like a funky lady in the know,i was just wondering if you could help me out with any great night spots i should visit, stores, music gigs, art shows ect...that would be lovely....cheers

Susanne said...

Hayley, this looks like such a fun wedding. Congratulations to you! I'm quite impressed with the black tights with the white dress and shoes too.

Darren Bourne S3078911 said...

Congratulations Hayley&Henry,

I just saw the pictures!! (I haven't been to your site in a while..sorry). You both look so happy. I can't wait to show Ming. It all looks like so much fun over there. Here is still the same, the same, the same...

So is it Mr&Mrs T_____s now?


Darren Bourne S3078911 said...


I just saw the photos, can't wait to show Mingsy. Wow you guys look like you're having sooo much fun. From the photos it looks like you had a wonderful day. I'll have to visit your site more often.

Love & hippie hugs